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West End’s cure for Monday-itis

Get ready to say goodbye to start-of-the-week blues, and ‘hello!’ to Mondays with some enthusiasm for a change, because Lychee Lounge has the perfect remedy to your post-weekend mourning period. Nestled in West End, Lychee Lounge is a long-time staple on the Brisbane cocktail scene and a welcome reprieve from the chaos of the Valley and high-prices of the city centre. Blending sophistication with just the right amount of hipster cool, it’s the kind of joint best enjoyed with a good helping of friends, finger-food and a few cocktails. Even on a Monday, because if you’re not sold on the place yet, Lychee serves up drool-inducing $5 share plates that won’t break the bank (nibbles for $5? we’ll take 3!) every Monday from mid-afternoon ’til late. lychee lounge cocktailsWith bite-sized eats with a distinctly Japanese twist like miso roasted eggplant, chicken karaage and crab croquettes, you’ve got the perfect excuse to skip the night in and hit the town for a cheap feed instead. Better yet, pair a share plate with an ice-cold jam jar cocktail for just $10. Or a few – who really gets any work done on a Tuesday anyway? Rest assured that things never stay on the safe side where drinks are concerned, either. Although old favourites are always available, there’s hints of cinnamon, coconut and even black pepper here and there on the cocktail menu – and the odd lychee, of course. So although you may have promised yourself on Sunday morning that you were ‘never going to drink again,’ put all those so-called good intentions behind you, grab a few friends and celebrate the start of the new week in the only style acceptable: cocktail in one hand and a delicious morsel of goodness in the other. Lychee Lounge is located at 2/94 Boundary Street in West End, and is set to satiate you from 3pm ’til midnight on Mondays. Words by Kate Bethune Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!