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We’re best spuddies with Spudbar

Let’s be honest, our food pyramid is less like a triangle and more like a circle – a misshapen, brown, tasty circle – and we are, of course, referring to the potato.

While it has been “suggested” that we should broaden our palate, we can’t just leave our best spuddies behind, and now we don’t have to.

SpudBAR Wintergarden is the epitome of everything good in this world, serving healthy baked potatoes that put flavour first. You can’t go wrong with their range of spuds and salads, and now our fave potato parlour has introduced a new flavour to their repertoire – *drum roll please* – The Spanish Spud!

Say hola to classic Spanish flavours that’ll keep your insides toasty this winter, featuring special Spanish sauce with sautéed red capsicum and tomatoes. Enjoy spinach, roast pumpkin, sweet corn, sour cream and spring onion bursting from a white potato – or a sweet potato if you’re feeling especially fitspo. And as our doctors say, “please, for the love of god, eat more fruit and veg”, well look at us now doc.

With the chilly weather you can bet we’ll be filling up with a hearty spud or three, so keep your eyes peeled for The Spanish Spud to experience a fiesta in your mouth.

Find Spudbar in the food court of Wintergarden in the CBD, open 7 days a week.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who is, at this moment, 80% potato.