All you can eat at Hanaichi Wintergarden | G&G

We’re all about Hanaichi’s all-you-can-eat sushi

Looking to satisfy your sumo-sized appetite without breaking the bank? If your dreams mirror that scene from American Beauty but with rose petals replaced with an avalanche of sushi, you’re going to find this deal pretty rice. Enter Wintergarden's Hanaichi Sushi Bar + Dining, your new go-to for an all-you-can-eat feast.

For just $32pp, gracefully enter a food coma of immense proportions when you’re smashing down sushi like nobody’s business, but that’s not all – shabu shabu is part of the deal! We’re talking beef. We’re talking pork. We’re talking chicken – and oodles of noodles. And it’s all just soy good.

Available from 5pm every day of the week, whether it’s your hump day feast or weekend date night, roll on in to Hanaichi.

Until next time sushi train, today we get off here.

Find Haniachi Sushi Bar + Dining on level 1 of Wintergarden  

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Words by Sophia Lunn
- the gourmand who thinks “all you can eat” applies to every meal.