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Weird things people add to their coffee

Whether you’re an occasional sipper or the person that should not be spoken to before your morning brew, you all know how you like your coffee. Maybe pure and untampered with is your go-to, or perhaps you fancy a cheeky little addition to your little cup of heaven – you know, the usual stuff – butter, salt or eggs. Nope, we didn’t accidentally type up our shopping list. There are some regular household favourites floating around in coffee cups around the globe right now and they are pretty weird. With that being said – weird can be both good and good for you, so here’s our list of weirdly good things that people add to their coffee. Butter You butter believe that your favourite household spread is being intentionally spooned into copious coffee cups. Commonly known as ‘Bulletproof Coffee,’ adding some of the magic (butter) stick to your coffee boosts cognitive performance and weight loss. SPREAD the word, these two are much butter together than apart. Coconut oil Are you in love with the coco? The benefits of coconut oil have circulated through every health magazine and blog under the sun, so there’s no surprise that people are going nuts for the trend and consuming it in every possible way – including a spoonful in their favourite brew. Coconut oil has been found to increase energy, speed up the metabolism and boost the immune system. Yeah we know, you coconot resist giving it a go. Salt If salt bae has taught us anything, it’s that seasoning is important (yeah, we’re sure that’s what you were thinking too). But is salt equally important for your cup of liquid gold? It sure could be, if the dodgy barista manages to make you a cringe-worthy cup of disappointment. Bitter definitely isn’t better, and a pinch of salt can literally suppress the occasional case of unwanted bitterness in your brew. You bitter believe that you’ll start carrying packets of salt around like the crazy salt lady. Gelatin Without gelatin, we wouldn’t have wobbly jelly or chewy marshmallows, but is a valuable contribution to the texture our childhood favourties all that our mate gelatin is good for? It may surprise you that gelatin is the solution to stronger nails, bones and hair, as well joint health and improved digestion. Feeling a bit jelly that you don’t have some in your morning coffee right now? Eggs Putting eggs in your coffee? What a crack up… or so it would seem at first thought. Eggs are loaded with healthy proteins and fats, so an eggspresso could save you the hassle of cooking breakfast AND add some of the good good to your coffee. Apparently it tastes eggsellent too, winning! Are you ready to take the plunge and try something weird? Words by Nicole Portacha