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Weekend Wish List

Brrrr, it’s cold in here.

Guess it’s time to fill our frosty hearts with incessant and unnecessary shopping! From freshly-released sips to new vessels to drink them from, we’ve got you covered with gratifying winter warmers.

Bloody Shiraz Gin 2019 Release | Four Pillars

Gin and bear it – to reflect their base in the gorgeous Yarra Valley, Four Pillars makes an annual limited-release gin incorporating fruit from neighbouring vineyards! The past year’s bumper crop is yielding notes of pine, white pepper, and spices, alongside a unique sweetness and gin’s typical bitterness on the tail end! While it’s already sold out online, you might have luck in your nearest bottle-o (please tell us if you find a stash… seriously).

Peach Oven Mitt Set | Urban Outfitters

Winter cooking descended into warming up frozen soup or microwaving takeaway leftovers? Exercise your cooking muscles in style with these adorable oven mitts that are sure to bring a bit of colour (and some fresh fruit, goddammit) into your winter kitchen.

T25 Remedy Ready Pack | T2

Perfect for alleviating that general sense of *bleh* that winter brings, T2’s Remedy Ready pack is the herbal help you’ve been waiting for! Whether you’ve been hitting the choccie a bit hard in preparation for hibernation or just had the usual big Friday night, this handy helper will pick you right up with blends including fennel, sweet blackberry leaves, rose petals, and lemon balm – not the worst medicine, if you as us!

Gin Austen | Dymocks

If you couldn’t get your hands on Four Pillars’ Bloody Shiraz Gin, this book should help distract you! Filled with classic-style cocktails with contemporary twists with names like Cousin Collins, Fizzy Miss Lizzie, Gin & Bennet, or Salt & Pemberley, this one’s for the gin-drinking lit-lovers (we suspect that’s quite a crowd).

Frenchie Keep Cup | Bonnie Hislop

Is it for tea? Is it for soup? Is it for hot toddies? It doesn’t matter, it’s cute as heck! Bonnie hand-makes all her quirky ceramics, and this one is a 160z cutie that’s perfect for whatever your cool-weather tipple of choice may be.

We might not be working out over winter, but our bank account certainly is.