Guide to a Weekend Getaway to Yeppoon | Gourmand & Gourmet

Weekend eatinerary: Yeppoon

Yepp, we’ve planned the perfect weekend away in Central Queensland.

Known for its balmy beaches, ideal tropical climate and lush islands out on the bay, Yeppoon is Queensland’s hidden coastal gem full of areas worth exploring (and eating your way through).

Here’s a solid Saturday to Sunday plan for a cheeky getaway that’ll make your mates hate you (jealously is a form of flattery).


Rise and dine! Assuming you’ll be hopping off a plane in the morning (unless you pull an all-nighter for one heck of a moonlit road trip, would not recommend), your first stop calls for brekkie at Flour. After tackling a seat out on the deck, a menu’s worth of pumpkin fritters, golden smashed potatoes and sticky date and macadamia house-made granola will feed your hunger for a ‘look I left the house today’ Instagram story, plus it’ll taste pretty darn good.

Wrap up the morning with that last crisp drop of coffee and hop on the ferry headed for Great Keppel Island. Just 30 minutes off the coast of Yeppoon, this lean, green nature machine of an island will trick you into thinking you’ve trekked all the way to Fiji, offering a tropical haven of all sorts. Grab a snorkel, soak up the beautiful blue water and follow that up with a stroll down one of the island’s many walking tracks.

You’ve definitely earned your lunch after all that physical activity, so let’s make it a good one, shall we? Hop back on the ferry and head for The Waterline Restaurant once you’re on home soil away from home soil. Perched on Rosslyn Bay, you’ll be served with slick views and a side of mixed oysters, sous vide lamb rack, karaage chicken or a juicy chicken burger… and we promise to keep the physical activity to a minimum from here on out.

You’re well fed and ready for bed (big nap energy), so let’s get you checked in. Accomodation wise… here are two options: This Airbnb (The Beach Shack), or Salt. Both are close to the water and look like a dream, so it all comes down to whether you prefer Airbnbs or hotels. You do you, boo.

A hop, skip and a jump from Yeppoon Beach (so about 15 minutes), you’ll find Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary, and all the koalas, snakes and monkeys you can get your hands on! Find your spirit animal and say g’day for a furry wholesome afternoon in the wild.

You’ve had a big day, and that calls for a big glass of wine. Vue Wine Bar & Restaurant is a contemporary tapas and dinner space bringing a sense of modern city life to the humble town. Dress up and dine up with slow roasted pork belly tossed in Korean BBQ sauce on fragrant rice with sautéed greens, or share the night away with a seafood platter for two. Stray away from vino for a luxe list of 30 cocktails, with a big tick from us on the Toblerone cocktail!

Good night, sweet prince. It’s time to gather your strength for tomorrow.


Today’s about taking your sweet time. Roll out of bed when you so choose and get to Whisk for some good morning fuel (breakfast kicks on until 2pm!). We’re talking double chocolate pancakes, banana and raspberry French toast and bacon and sweet potato pot-lette (that’s potato omelette) for the sweetest start to your Sunday.

Today’s activity – lay on the beach! Whip out your towel at Yeppoon Main Beach and get someone to roll you every half hour, maybe to even re-apply that sunscreen. You’re getting a tan and you’re catching some z’s and nothing’s getting in the way of that flavoursome combo.

Once you’ve arisen from your slumber with sun-kissed skin, it’s time to tuck into the best fish and chips in town. Afishionados is known for their fresh, local fish, ranging from Spanish mackerel to Atlantic salmon, and even red emperor if it’s your lucky day. Count your blessings, because this joint doubles as a bar, letting you land some fish and fizz before hitting up Yeppoon Lagoon.

It rhymes, it’s setting you up for good times – it’s Yeppoon Lagoon. Being right on the beach is almost as fab as the fact that it’s free for a dip, with an infinity edge simply adding to the magic of this beauty. Drink in seamless ocean views and brace yourself for a relaxing dinner.

End your getaway on a delicious note at Beaches Restaurant. Renowned for consistently serving some of the freshest seafood and best premium beef in the region, Beaches eats will let you live your best life with a bowl of creamy angel hair pasta, signature pad Thai and butter-poached Spanish mackerel, with plenty of drinks to top off a wonderful weekend.

See you soon, Yeppoon.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who could lap up views from Yeppoon Lagoon all day long