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Wednesday wines: Prosecco

You may think of prosecco as champagne’s cheap younger sister, the one you invite over for a BBQ while champagne swans about at fancy parties. But this cheery sparkling white wine, made from the Glera grape and indigenous to the Veneto region in Italy’s north east, is coming into its own, charming the pants off even the most sophisticated wine drinker. International demand for the fizzy sip has hit fever pitch in Australia – both imported versions and locally made examples are being guzzled at an extraordinary rate. We’re not sure if this is partly linked to the growth of the Aperol Spritz (of which prosecco is the main ingredient) or whether it is just the simple, fresh, lemony drinkability of this wine style that has struck a chord. Whatever the reason, just get on board the prosecco gondola because it seems this trend is here to say. If there was a home of prosecco in Australia (along with many other Italian styles and grape varieties) it would be the King Valley in Victoria where this wine comes from, fermented in stainless steel to keep all that fresh fruit flavour and packed with lemon sherbet characters that burst on the palate. There is a little bit of sweetness here, but it is tempered with crisp citrus acidity. This is not a wine that requires pontificating about or expert, in depth analysis. It is a deliciously simple wine designed to be enjoyed by itself or as an aperitif with fried seafood, arancini or just about any antipasti platter. It’s a taste of Italy you can get easily without the 24 hour long haul plane flight. Guzzle away. Wine: NV Zing Prosecco – King Valley, Vic Retail Price: $24 Food match: Calamari Fritti (Fried Calamari) Location match: Perched on at outdoor table at The Spaghetti House Trattoria Soundtrack match: Big Jet Plane (triple j Like A Version) – Tuka Words by David Bone, Cuttings Wine