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Wednesday wines: Grenache

Grenache is a grape of juxtapositions: so often overlooked by the wine drinking public yet the source some of the most impressive, and sometimes most expensive, wines around. It’s one of the most important and prized grapes in Spain, the south of France and of course, in our very own back yard where it’s an integral part of of GSM blends, as well as the grape behind some incredible single vineyard wines from exceptionally old vines. But what is it about Grenache that’s so special? Well for those in the know, Grenache at its most glorious is light and fresh, yet dense and heady, with fruit characteristics that are ethereal, yet powerful and brooding. It’s a variety that can show many faces and as a result is genuinely versatile. It pretty much fits into any context. In the warmer months, serve it slightly chilled and it’s the perfect summer red, while in the cooler months it’s a great winter warmer, and don’t even get us started with the potential food pairing – oh wait, do get us started because that’s where Grenache shines. Grenache will go with steak, it’ll go with lamb (particularly a spicy a lamb tagine), it goes with duck and game and it will also go with fish and chicken. Now we’re not saying that it’s the ultimate barbeque wine, but then again, have we said otherwise? Finally, one of the best things about Grenache is that no matter your budget you’ll find something great. At $15-20 you can find something good and at $30-50 you’ll find something amazing. If you’ve got a spare $2K to spend on the other hand, go grab a bottle of Alvaro Palacios L’Ermita Priorat, just remember to invite us to dinner when you open it! Wine: Jauma ‘Like Raindrops’ Mclaren Vale Grenache Retail price: $35, Stewarts Wine Co. Food match: See above Location: Your balcony, hopefully with some kind of view Listen: You Rascal You by Hanni El Khatib Words by James Cooper