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Wednesday wines: Going French

When you find a French wine with a name that translates to ‘the house in the middle of nowhere,’ you can’t help but be intrigued. Domaine Le Bout du Monde is an edgy wine range from the south west of France that will be making our Bastille Day a little bit blurrier than usual this year, thanks to a young Frenchman named Edouard Lafite. Produced high in the Catalan Pyrenees in an area known as Jajakistan, a hot bed for young winemakers looking to push boundaries and make a name for themselves, the wines are all made from familiar grape varieties like Shiraz and Grenache, but in a very unique way.  Full of bright, fresh red fruits and brooding dark berries as well as being light bodied and gulpable, the whole range manages to impress. Each wine from the label has its own unique personality and cooky nickname, like Tam Tam, Hop La and our personal favourite, the romantically named, L’échappée Belle, which means ‘the great escape’. Deft and whimsical, it’s full of perfectly ripe, lush red berries that are made possible by the winemaker’s mastery of a carbonic maceration technique. Backed up by dark mulberries and blackcurrants that give way to a silky soft texture that glides over the palate, it almost escapes definition. Wine: Domaine Le Bout du Monde, L’echappee Belle Retail price: $39, Stewarts Wine Co. Food match: Spicy charcuterie or a hearty Moroccan tagine Location: Somewhere with a view Listen: Anything and everything by The Gypsy Kings Words by James Cooper Image credit: Food52