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Wednesday Wines | 2012 First Drop 'Vivo' Arneis

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Knowing all too well the odds of falling into the trap of consuming excess wine during his university years, this week’s Wednesday Wine extraordinaire, David Bone, realised he far preferred consuming the grapey nectar than studying Landscape Architecture textbooks. Procrastination in the form of Pinot Noir.After a decade of working in restaurants and bottle shops, he never quite got to completing that degree (or two others like it). From there he went into wine wholesale, and has been selling the grapey goodness ever since. Wine: 2012 First Drop ‘Vivo’ Arneis Price: $25 Food match: Anything fried, particularly calamari Location match: Bar Alto at the Powerhouse, on the veranda with a bowl of zucchini fritters while you decide what to have for lunch Soundtrack match: Endless Summer – The Jezabels This Italian grape variety is seriously underrated and has a lot more personality than the ever popular (and often innocuous) other Italian; Pinot Grigio. If you dig Pinot Grigio, try this. It’s like trading up to a better-looking sibling who drives a sports car, has a trust fund and is a genius. This example is the ultimate summer cleanser, coming from a cool vineyard site high up in the Adelaide Hills, it has lemon and lime zest on the palate, alongside a hint of nashi pear and elegant minerality. I love the story behind this wine brand; a couple of mates were both working for a big, corporate wine giant. On a work trip (and after far too many gin and tonics on the corporate card), they hatched a plan to start making the wines they wanted to drink. Their first vintage was the two of them, an old ute, a couple of barrels and a shovel along with some great grapes made in the back of someone else’s winery. Today they are renowned as one of the best producers in South Australia, particularly for their quirky European varieties. Check out more Wednesday Wine segments here. Wine by David Bone