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Want free Gelato Messina delivered to your door?

Dreaming of warmer days spent lazing on Coolangatta Beach? Getting a tan on the sand, your hair salty in the ocean, then walking on down to Gelato Messina to get at least 3 scoops of their ridiculously amazing and wildly flavoured gelatos? Because really, that was the only reason you actually drove all the way to Coolangatta. Well dream no longer friends! Your prayers have been answered, except you’ll probably want to wear more than just your bikini… This Friday, Gelato Messina and Uber are pairing up to create the ultimate delivery service: Gelato to your door. Bellissimo! And you know Gelato Messina – they’d never do something as staid as deliver plain chocolate gelato! Together with Uber, they’ve created a special one off flavour for the day called UberX: a hazelnut gelato with white chocolate, hazelnut fudge, milk chocolate chips and cream filled wafers. That’s a whole lot of crunchy, chocolately, chewy noms for your mouth. And the best part? If you’re behind the A-game and have never used Uber before, join up and your Messina is free! Zilch. Costs you nada. Just download the app, create an account, and enter the code word ‘ICECREAMOZ’ in the promo section to get your hands on that free tub. If you’re already a member, your frozen delight will set you back $15, but that’s still less than the petrol there and back, so you’re still winning! Just open the app on Friday between 11am and 5pm, set your location, and tap that ‘ice cream’ option for speedy gelato delivery. And who says you can’t eat gelato in winter? Bah humbug! Words by Taylare Madern