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Wake Up and Smell the Sweetness: Bakery Lane

It’s a sunny Saturday and for once in your life (ya little busy bee), you’ve got the whole day free, stretching out endlessly before you. What are you going to do? Our little city is buzzing with options, but there’s one laneway that’s got it all girl – Bakery Lane. Originally known for its stylish AF design and fashion hotspots, Bakery Lane has also become a bonafide foodie destination.

Hit the ground running and get stuck into the world’s most photogenic avocado toast from The New Black. You might not be able to buy a house, but you’ll be able to sink your teeth into house kimchi, yuzu gel, coriander and spring onion powder on rye, YASSSSS. Team that with a cheeky soy latte for maximum bourgeoisness and you’re ready for the day.

All that savoury got you craving some sweetness in your life? Sh!t yeah! It’s time to hit up Cakes & Shit for cupcakes that’ll shock ya nan AND your taste buds. Salivate over salted caramel or get bouncy with vanilla bean – they’re all flippin’ good.

Because we can’t resist a sweet treat, keep your glucose levels high (it’s called Bakery Lane not Diet Lane FFS) and get yourself a crepe sweeter than Paris Fashion Week at Le Petit Paris Bakery or snag a panna cotta from No. 5 Café.

All this sweetness needs to be balanced baby, duck into cocktail bar The Apo and grab yourself a bramble. Gin, lemon and blackberry, it’s just sour enough to wake you up from your sugar coma.

Buzzing a little after that tipple? Feeling just gin-sane enough to start eating again? We don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun, and Nom Nom Korean has them with spicy pork AND chicken katsu.

That’s just the entrée baby, we’re ramping it UP and wheeling our way into Johnny’s Pizzeria. Nab yourself a supreme pizza, you absolute QUEEN, and toss some salad on the side because #HEALTH!

Eating pizza is thirsty work, and you’ve earnt yourself a cocktail. Cruise into the Bowery and order yourself a negroni. You better be pacing yourself though girl, because there’s still Laruche to visit tonight!

Sneak in a Ben’s Burger in between cocktails, it’s a marathon not a sprint! Keep it OG with their classic burger – beef, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato on a brioche bun.

You better have packed your dancing shoes because we are grooving tonight! Admire the spectacular chandeliers as you glide in through the doors of Laruche and sidle up to the bar to order their signature Laruche Punch before you boogie your way into the night. Warning – this punch packs a PUNCH, have the hydralyte at the ready.

Happy Weekend babies!

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who has never, ever misplaced her dignity at Laruche.