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Vintage comfort food: Five cookbooks you won’t believe anyone ever bought

We recently toddled off to the Lifeline Bookfest on the hunt for second-hand cookbooks at bargain prices to feed our cookbook addiction (and help out a great charity). Though we picked up a treasure trove of Jamie Oliver, Bill Granger and Nigella Lawson, along the way we found a few not so delicious looking books that we just had to share. For giggles, if not for our usual deliciousness. Australian Casserole Cookbook Just look at that cover, doesn’t it make you want to dive in with a big spoon? Or maybe turn vegetarian. Casserole was quite in vogue back in the day, until people suddenly realised there was a thousand tastier ways to cook meat. This little beauty of stewed eats is full of the classics like Irish stew and beef burgundy, and then some particularly gruesome delicacies like chicken with grapes. Yummo!   Microwave Cooking Before the horror stories of carcinogens and nutrient killing microwave zapping, you could throw just about anything in the miracle white good that is the microwave. Roast turkey? No worries! Whole lobster? Too easy! This gem even has scrumptious delicacies like garlic brains and ‘tongue a la king.’ Radiation come at me! A Wizz in the Kitchen Ignoring all amusing puns we could base on the title, this nifty little cookbook exhorts us to do all our food preparation in the Kitchen Wizz food processor. It dices, it slices, it grates and it whips like your own personal kitchen hand to assist you in making edible (though it’s arguable) goodies. There’s also a cheeky section at the back for adult beverages. Jamie Oliver would be proud. 100 Fabulous Cheesecakes It was the ‘fabulous’ that caught our attention on this 70’s wonder. Then we had to stop and wonder how they can make something so delish look so incredibly horrendous. Weird jelly toppings and fake cream aside, there’s some very original cheesecake names to be found in here. Delicious cheesecake? Gourmet cheesecake? Oh to be so creative! New Idea’s Chinese Cookbook We’re not entirely sure who is on the cover but he makes us want to get into the kitchen to start cooking right away. And with recipes for dishes like flaming lychees and woolly lamb, who wouldn’t? After flicking through these, we can’t help but be grateful that cooking (and food styling) has come such a long way. Words by Ranyhyn Akui