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Say bye bye to winter blues at Victoria Park Bistro

The delicious new menu at Victoria Park Bistro is knocking winter blues out of the park.

When it comes to seasonal delights, Victoria Park Bistro has elevated winter dining to a whole new level thanks to the addition of new wood-fired pizzas, decadent roasts, and dynamic winter warmers to their menu! 

Proving they can go the whole hog is the Bistro’s heartiest meal yet – a gorgeous Sunday pork roast. The perfect meal to keep the tummy warm (and happy!) on a cold winter’s day, this juicy roast comes straight from the bistro’s in-house rotisserie alongside a whole host of tasty trimmings including roasted pumpkin, spinach, golden raisins, and a drizzle of sage jus. *cue drool* 

Also joining the rotisserie menu is a delicious Middle Eastern-inspired chermoula spiced chicken. Citing bold flavours and exotic spices, this dish is further elevated with smoked almonds, carrots, and a fresh chickpea salad with raita.   

Right beside the rotisserie is the Bistro’s pizzeria, which is heating up this winter with a whole host of Italian eats. First out of their wood-fired oven is the new Genovese pizza, which comes topped with basil pesto, mixed cherry tomatoes, rocket, and a generous Nonna-sized serving of parmesan cheese. 

Looking for the light-side? The new winter menu at the Bistro includes two delicious vegan salads that will have you feeling your healthiest winter self! Move away from the roast potatoes and grab the Middle Eastern carrot and chickpea salad with smoked almonds, garlic and tahini dressing instead. 

Before heading (or more likely, rolling) out the door, we suggest paying your season’s greetings one more time to the bistro’s signature winter dish – wholesome grilled Atlantic salmon served with warmed tomatoes and an abundance of steamed greens – what winter flu? 

Looks like we’ll be migrating to Victoria Park Bistro this winter! 

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand who has Victoria Park Bistro reigning queen on her winter bucket list.