Eat, Shop & Play the Valley way thanks to MyValley! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Eat, Shop & Play the Valley way thanks to MyValley!

We’ve poured hours of love into the heart of Brisbane’s night life, and now we’re stoked to announce that some of our favourite Fortitude Valley spots are coming together to give a bit of love back!

Our frolicsome friends over at MyValley are proud to present the Eat, Shop, Play Pass: $2,600 worth of prizes guaranteeing winners the chance to eat, drink and dance the summer away in a blaze of alcohol-fuelled glory that the Valley is famous for!

Beirne Lane has proved once again why they’re the house of the people, putting up a $100 voucher, which is perfect for a romantic evening enjoying a shilling meal for two OR 28.57 oysters for one – your call.

We highly recommend spending your $100 Osbourne Hotel voucher exclusively on burgers and pizza, because they’re also throwing in a bottle of Mumm to suit all of your bubbly needs.

Then there’s Finn McCool’s, who’ve put up a prize bigger than their mythical, Irish namesake – a whopping $500 voucher. Maybe go for one of everything?

Put down the fork and pick up a vodka raspberry after winning exclusive access to the Met’s VIP spy bar, complete with a bottle of Ciroc, cocktails on arrival and a private booth for four.

Not to be outdone is the Valley’s neon nest of nostalgia, Retro’s, who’re offering their $500 VIP booth experience to the lucky winner (who hopefully loves Culture Club and fishbowls.)

Finally, two hours of loud, colourful fun is on the line at B. Lucky & Sons, who have four two-hour unlimited play passes to be won, which, luckily, is the exact amount of time needed to perfect Sabotage on Guitar Hero (in between smashing a free pizza, of course.)

These and so many more awesome prizes are waiting to be won over at MyValley so don’t wait another second to enter.

For real, we’re done here, go now!

Words by Josh Schultz
- the gourmand who apparently does oyster maths now