Valentine’s Day: Aria Restaurant Brisbane

Go all out at Aria this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Aria

Loving is easy when your stomach is in the right place.

Whether you’re trying to make up for one too many lacklustre Valentine’s Days, or wanting to maintain a sterling reputation in the dating realm (our hats off to you), your special someone deserves a little bit more than last-minute corner store roses and a half-eaten box of chocolates (forgetting to buy something is hungry work).

If you haven’t been, then you’ve at least heard of Aria – acclaimed Chef Matt Moran’s signature riverside Brisbane restaurant. Never missing the mark when it comes to putting the fine in dining, you can only imagine what sort of magic is set to hit the plate for an immaculately curated Valentine’s Day dinner.

After being greeted by a glass of champagne, you and your lucky love will be lead to a table overlooking the Brisbane River, with a glistening Story Bridge shedding light on the absolute correct date decision.

Prepare to gaze lovingly at your partner right up until your first course is placed in front of you, being the evening’s pivotal moment where your full attention is stolen by tantalising eats. Don’t fight it, it’s love.

Three courses of your choosing won’t be an easy feat, but rest assured that no matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Selections start from entrees of rock oysters, shallot and aged red wine vinegar to tuna, honey bug, wasabi and black radish.

Moving onto mains, your heart will flutter after each bite of lamb, broccoli, sweetbread and anchovy, and mahi-mahi with clams, parsnip and black pepper.

Ending on a sweet note, desserts including the likes of pineapple, banana and chamomile and buttermilk, raspberry and mango will earn serious brownie points.

Of course, this is just a taste of what to expect. There are a total of 15 dishes and two sides to indulge in, letting you design your own take of what the perfect dinner entails.

For $160 per person, you could either purchase three roses, OR an unforgettable Valentine’s Dinner at Aria. The decision is easy, and can be secured here.


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Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who would only go gourmet for Aria