The ultimate foodie guide to West Village

The ultimate foodie guide to West Village

Your tum is in for one helluva treat!

When it comes to Brisbane precincts, West Village is up there with the best. Inspired by the character and history of West End, West Village redefines urban living with its vibrant mix of fine dining, casual hangout spots, greenspaces, shopping, health and wellness and entertainment.

So, if you’re new to the area or are yet to visit, come along as we eat our way through our West Village dining guide!



Picnic Cafe 

Our go-to for a nourishing breakfast, brunch or lunch, Picnic Cafe is the brekky queen of West Village. Offering a mouth-watering menu full of classics with a twist, it’s the perfect place to kick off a day in the precinct. 

G&G tip: We recommend giving the breakfast Ratatouille or ever-popular Pork Bulgogi Benny a try. You won’t be sorry. 


When you find yourself hankering for a pastry (or basically anything yummy), let Kurtosh be your first port of call. The cylindrical-shaped kürtőskalács, also known as chimney cake, is a traditional dish native to Hungary – caramelised, crunchy and flaky on the outside, all while being soft on the inside (and often filled with nutella). Kurtosh is a must-visit during a day at West Village. 

G&G tip: Perfect when you crave a little sweetness to start your day – and you can’t go wrong with the mixed platter. 



Ichiban Sushi

Need lunch on the run?, West Village has the fare to tide you over for the rest of the day -or at least until three-thirty-itis kicks in. Joining the West Village family in 2021, Ichiban Sushi’s built-in sushi train carries everything from gyoza and nigiri to katsu and tempura prawn, chicken teriyaki rolls and of course those insane lobster chips. 

If you’re feelin’ a little fancy, the à la carte menu features Ichiban’s signature rolls as well as dishes like okonomiyaki, chicken karaage, bento boxes and so much more – all made from the highest quality ingredients.  

G&G tip: Ichiban literally means ‘Number One’ in Japanese. Enough said. 

Cheeky Poke

Got time to stop? Cheeky Poke is always a winner. Whether you opt for a signature poke bowl or to make your own, a few share plates or some poke tacos to go, you know you’re in healthy hands.  

G&G tip: We love to make our own Poke (with salmon of course), but Cheeky’s nori tacos are a must! 

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co

Whenever the topic of lunch is brought up around these parts, it’s hard to go past Betty’s Burgers. A 1950’s inspired burger shack, Betty’s Burgers is the perfect pitstop for those of you who just need a burger and fries (and maybe a shake) in their life. It’s as simple as that. 

G&G tip: The Betty’s Deluxe and Shroom burgers never disappoint. 

Feeling snacky? 

Why not pay a visit to Harris Farm Markets’ meat, cheese and bread sections for a DIY charcuterie board? Throw in some fruit for variety and head out to the greenspace to enjoy the sunshine.

Italian Street Kitchen

When 5:30pm rolls around and you’re looking for dinner options, you’ll be spoilt for choice at West Village. 

Take a seat at Italian Street Kitchen and you’ll be transported to the lively eateries of Italy, where you can watch the magic happen in the kitchen as you sip and savour. The chef’s Roman heritage shines through the authentic, traditional menu alongside Roman-style pizza, made with 48hr-fermented dough and topped with tasty ingredients.

G&G tip: Pop in during Aperitivo hour (Friday-Sunday 3pm til 6pm) for $10 cocktails, $6 beer and wine and something light to eat. And always linger over a tiramisu.

Beirut Bazaar

Immerse yourself in authentic Lebanese Mezza and Grill with a night at Beirut Bazaar. This is the place to bring a few friends and share your way through the menu full of traditional dishes. You’re guaranteed to walk out the door with a full belly and a happy (and cultured) heart. You’ll also find an uber chic bar inside the restaurant serving up an array of cocktails and wines from around the world. 

G&G tip: The BBC chicken and meat Sambousek are a must-try. 

In the mood for takeaway?

Pop in to Cheeky Poke or Betty’s Burgers for the ultimate takeaway feast. Or, depending on your cravings, grab a pizza or two from Italian Street Kitchen and a bottle of wine. 


Something Sweet 

Anita Gelato 

A day at West Village simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Anita’s Gelato. With over 150 flavours of frozen yoghurt, sorbets and organic sugar-free, fat-free, soy-based and real-cream based ice creams, you’ll want to have more than one scoop. Each flavour is 100 percent handmade and can be accompanied by an assortment of delicious toppings. 

G&G Tip: Try the salted bagel, or the dark chocolate for our vegan friends.

Words by Lauren Kavanagh
- The gourmet who is probably on her way to Beirut Bazaar right now