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Try This Cookie

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For those of us who’ve been lucky enough to venture to Melbourne, you would have experienced the secret bars, hidden laneways, and of course the array of charming vogue bars. The G&G crew recently took on Melbourne in a quest to tackle some of the best clandestine spots that this famous foodie city has to offer.  Every conversation with foodies alike ended with “…you have to visit Cookie.” And so we did. In natural fashion, we took it upon ourselves to try several creations and bask in Cookie’s ambience. Heralded one of Melbourne’s most popular bars, Cookie successfully combines Thai food with a magnificent beer hall, eating house and cocktail bar, delivering an exotic and versatile environment to dine, flirt, sip and reminisce. Smack bang in the middle of the city, you couldn’t be any more central if you tried. Locality is particularly important to us as we normally eat ourselves under the table, so walking after 9pm usually isn’t an option. The bar is possibly Melbourne’s longest with ten beers on sale, along with 24 Belgian taps and 350 wines. With its own cocktail bar facing huge picture frame glass doors that open out onto balconies overlooking Swanston Street and the city skyline, Cookie is the perfect one-stop shop. Talking with Melbournians, we’ve learnt this whimsical bar caters to Friday afternoon drinks that quickly turns into dinner, and then late night wild dancing… sounds like our type of venue! Cookie tops our to-do list when visiting Melbourne. Make sure to add it to your ‘eatenary’ next time you visit the southern state!   Words by Taylor Fielding