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Trot into Pony Dining for lunch

Lunch is a pretty neglected meal these days. Never celebrated in it’s own right, it’s always either turned into brunch, rushed through one-handed over a computer keyboard or all too often, ignored altogether. But with the two course feed you can tuck into at Pony Dining, we say it’s time to give lunch the attention it deserves, especially when it includes a gorgeous riverside view and the option of dessert! Save it for a weekend lunch date if you must, but we say Pony’s two course lunch is worth taking a long Friday (or any day of the week really) break for. Leave the soggy sandwiches for the office lunch thief and gallop into Pony for a main and dessert (or starter and main – but who passes up dessert?) for $38. You’ll even get a glass of wine to kick off your afternoon ‘wine’ down a little early. If you’re wise, you’ll take a neigh-bour who can opt for the green pea arancini, wood fired mushrooms with goats cheese or wood fired grilled chorizo with chilli jam to start. Then you can steal a nibble while still leaving room for the sweet stuff. Canter into the main and feast on chicken breast with spiced carrots, dates and chickpeas or the Cape Grim eye fillet with café de Paris butter and mash. Need a one handed lunch so you can email your boss and pretend you’re still at work with the other? The pumpkin gnocchi might just be your dish of choice. Finish the race with the dish you’ve been waiting for: dessert. You don’t want your lunch to necessitate an afternoon nap (is that why lunch has lost its appeal?), so instead top everything off with housemade petit fours or a creamy cheese plate. Whether you’re a Pony devotee who visits at every opportunity or wanting to take your first Pony ride, now you’ve got the perfect excuse. Pony Dining’s two course lunch is available daily from 11:30am-3:00pm. Words by Typhanie Vayro