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Treat your tummy AND your tastebuds with these Wilde dishes

When you love food as much as we do, you’ve been down every variant of eat-yourself-silly and diet-these-rolls-off imaginable. We’ve pigged out on doughnuts and proceeded to cram our fridges with kale more times than we care to count (or our coworkers care to remember). That is, until we discovered this game-changer. Teneriffe’s Wilde Kitchen has been upping the clean eating game for awhile, now, but there’s something about their new-and-improved all day menu that has us whipping on the active gear and plotting our visits for the week to come. Stop clutching a doughnut-stretched belly and start promoting that healthy tummy: eating healthy just became irresistible with these five winning dishes.
Panna Cotta We’ll take a whole pann-a this one, right guys? (Yeah, okay, sorry.) We’re coconuts for this lemon-scented panna cotta with paleo muesli, fruit, and raw honeycomb – and not just because it has us drooling all over our keyboard. Nope, this one’s a good wiggle (not like when we pull on last year’s yoga pants) – packed with collagen for that shiny white smile and luscious locks. We knew mum was wrong to axe our idea of dessert for breakfast.
Greens bowl Remember the days of choking down microwave meals laced with ingredients you couldn’t even recognise? Welcome to greener pastures, my friend. These healthy bowls are packed with greens, pumpkin puree, avocado and spiced pepitas to promote healthy fat intake – and totally negate the doughnuts we inhaled earlier, right? …No? Well, they’re good for you, anyway.
Bone broths Don’t let the name scare you off – these soulful bowlfuls are basically chicken soup for grown-ups – and grown guts. The winter warmer topped in sliced beef, liver powder, zucchini noodles and Asian herbs doesn’t just fight off the chilly weather, either – it promotes a boost to immunity, helping you fight off any nasties roaming the office. Make no bones about it (‘cause they make it for you – zing!); this gut-nourisher is an instant hit. Bulletproof coffee We’ll be transparent here: if we walk into the office without a cup of pipin’ hot caffeine-y goodness in one hand, our coworkers tend to wish they were bulletproof. So, really, our indulgence in Wilde Kitchen’s MCT oil-rich long blacks aren’t just for our sake – they’re for everyone’s. We’re givers like that. Oh, and you can totally add grass-fed butter or brain octane oil (derived from coconut oil, relax) to that cuppa for an extra zap to your sleepy noggin. Smoothie bowls Look, we’ve seen it all before: a co-worker declares they’re on a ‘hard and fast diet’ and proceeds to fork over their whole bank account for acai bowls piled high with sugar. All we can do is let out acai of dismay, right? Wrongo: point them in the direction of Wilde Kitchen, where acai bowls have been bred in the wild to be much, much better for you. Grab a bowl topped with paleo muesli, banana, coconut, and raw honey for a (real) guilt free snack. We’re totally counting this research as our workout for the day. Words by Samantha Chariton