Travel to Italia with Il Verde's Wine Tour

Travel to Italia with Il Verde's Wine Tour

Have you ever longed to visit Italy? Can you recite the dialogue from ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ by heart? Accepted the fact that your champagne on a beer budget means the furthest you’ll probably get from Brisbane this year is a cheeky Gold Coast trip?

We hear you, and so does Il Verde. From November 1, start your own Italian tour by sipping your way through the sunny vineyards of Tuscany – no passport or plane ticket required. Induldge in vintage wines from some of Italy’s most beautiful vineyards, including Alto Adige, Abruzzo and Tuscany. Molto bene!

Enjoy the 8-week special over woodfire pizza and perfect linguine at the King Street ristorante as you learn more about the origin, history and flavour of the unique drops. A new wine will be showcased each week, so Impress your friends and enrage your enemies as you bask in the knowledge (and alcohol glow) of rare Italian wines.

Get ready to live la dolce vita at Il Verde

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who believes you should wine early, wine often.