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Top 5 hole in the wall coffee institutions

Coffee – the drink that keeps us awake and smiling. It helps us push through Mondays, deadlines, and the occasional hangover. It’s pretty much what keeps life going, so when your normal café has lines longer than your patience or they make the coffee too weak, life can come to an abrupt halt. Thankfully, we’ve got a list of the best hole-in-the-wall coffee institutions that would never let you down like that. Bunker | Milton Family moves and friends change, but do you know who will always be there for you? Coffee. At Bunker, it’ll hold your hand through the cold winter mornings with their rich, steaming hot cups and through to the boiling summer afternoons with their cold drip drinks. If you want even more support, bite into their small selection of treats. They’ve been known to dish up doughnuts, cakes, and slices. They don’t call it comfort food for nothing. John Mills Himself | CBD Words cannot espresso how much we love the coffee at this CBD institution. Tucked away in an old printing business on Charlotte Street, the historic yet hipster café is known to have the best coffee to push through the morning grind (and midday grind, and afternoon grind). What’s more, they serve chocolates and alcohol as well! Laced Espresso | CBD We like big cups and we cannot lie, and when we tasted the coffee at Laced, we were wishing there was a size called ‘ginormous’. The rich and hearty brew tastes like something Rory and Lorelai would sip on in The Gilmore Girls – all while saying witty quips. Campos | Fortitude Valley On those Monday mornings, it’s hard to pull yourself from that comfy bed and launch yourself into your day. Well, stop procrastinating and start procaffeinating! One cup of Campos coffee and you’ll stop feeling that Monday depresso. Add on their avo on toast with beetroot falafel and sous vide egg and you’ll be dancing to livin’ la vida mocha. The Tiller Coffee | Alderley The Tiller Coffee may be new to the block (or the wall) but the people of Brisbane already love them a latte. It’s not so much a hole-in-the-wall, more so a hole-in-a-shipping-container. The cute and Instagrammable café has become an instant hit with their alternative brewing techniques such as Chemex, Aeropress, and cold drip. We were already falling for The Tiller, but we knew it was brew love when we saw the simple yet tasty breakfast menu. Start espresso-ing yourself! Words by Kate Stevens