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Time hacks for Brisbane foodies

While time hacks for shortening your beauty routine or cleaning your kitchen are great, what we really want to know is how we can squeeze more time for eating and drinking into our day. Having to cook, waiting in queues, biding our time while that morning caffeine hit gets brewed – it all takes precious time that could be better spent doing productive things like eating cake. It’s enough to send us into a hangry spiral of nothing but frozen meals and instant coffee. Although it does give us lots of time to search for our next meal on Instagram. Luckily, we’ve found a few ways to save time when you’re on the hunt for something to eat, whether it’s morning, noon or night. Caveman Kitchen | Online Sure doing meal prep can save you from having to cook all week, but one, who wants to waste a Sunday putting chicken breast into containers and two, what foodie could handle eating the same meal every day for a week? Enter, Caveman Kitchen and their huge menu of clean, healthy, delicious meals, packaged up all neat and delivered to your door. No time in the kitchen leaves more time for dancing in your underwear! Press’d | Teneriffe Every summer it’s the same. We get all motivated to kickstart our health and add epically green juices to our daily routine, and then we realise just how long it takes to make a cold pressed juice. Who’s got time to wait 20 minutes for a drink? But that was before Press’d and their ‘text to order’ service came along. Just order a Leany Greeny via SMS on 0412592657 and they’ll have it waiting for you when you arrive! Pineapple Express | Fortitude Valley Just want Cocowhip in a hurry? Well download Pineapple Express’s handy app, pre-order before you get there and you’ll have a big bowl of Death by Chocolate and a coffee awaiting you at the express window. You can order anything from their healthy takeaway menu actually – they’re really putting the ‘app’ in pine-app-le! Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | West End Who says fast food has to be unhealthy food with so many nutritious eats up for pre-order on Miss Bliss’s app? You can even eat in and order from your table if you’re too busy socializing to wait in line at the counter. Or just order their coffees, smoothies, bliss balls, raw treats and nutritious meals to go.  Bliss on the run! Street Eats | In your pocket When you’ve gone to all the trouble of chasing down your favourite food truck, the last thing you want to do is have to stand in a queue while you wait to order. Instead, order on the Street Eats app, find yourself a prime spot on the grass with your blanket and get comfy before making everyone jealous as you casually stroll up to get your feed. Bonus, Lucky Egg in the Valley is also on Street Eats – which means you can make them your personal drive through while you’re making your way home in a cab on Saturday night. You’re welcome. Words by Ranyhyn Akui