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Tiki Summer Survival Kit

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Who wouldn’t want to be whisked away to a tropical island, where you can sip on delicious fruity cocktails all day (and all night) long? Well maybe we can’t all do the tropical island bit, but we can design our own Polynesian paradise right here at home by recreating some Tiki classics.

The most basic formula for a Tiki cocktail is a base spirit (usually rum), fruit juice, syrups and/ or liqueurs. It’s as simple as that. Depending on the occasion, you can mix it up by using more than one type of each, and remember to have some fun. The Tiki specialists from Jungle Bar in West End have provided us with a list of all the basic ingredients for making Tiki-style drinks at home! Don’t worry if you don’t have them all, just stick to the basic formula, be a little creative and see what you can come up with! Add one of those tiny cocktail parasols and you’ve got yourself a piece of tropical paradise without even having to reach for the passport. Juice: – Orange – Pineapple – Lemon – Lime – Cloudy apple – White grapefruit – Passionfruit puree Spirits: – Rum – Vodka – Tequila Liqueurs: – Blue Curaçao – Triple Sec – Banana Liqueur – Blueberry Liqueur Syrups: – Sugar Syrup (ratio 2:1 sugar:water – heat until dissolved) – Honey Water (ration 2:1 honey:water – heat until dissolved) – Orgeat (almond blend syrup – you can find this at most big hospitality stores) Garnish: – Pineapple – Maraschino cherries – Oranges – Passionfruit – Paper parasols Other essentials: – Ice – Fun straws (bendable stripy ones are the best) – Cocktail shaker Kau Wela Punch Recipe Summer Punch Ingredients: 30ml White Rum (Angostura Reserva) 20ml Dark Rum (Captain Morgan’s Black Label) 20ml Lime juice 90ml Orange juice 90ml Pineapple juice 20ml Passionfruit puree 20ml Honey water Garnish: Pineapple wedge Maraschino cherry wrapped in half an orange slice Method: 1. Put all ingredients into cocktail shaker and fill with ice. 2. Shake vigorously and strain into tall glass. 3. Top with ice and garnish with pineapple wedge, orange wrapped maraschino cherry and straws. Miki Gardiner-McIver – Owner of Jungle Bar