This Sydney café donates all its profits to charity! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

This Sydney café donates all its profits to charity!

There’s something nice about having a purpose to your food coma, so at the G&G – officially known as food coma central – charity groups always earn a special spot in our hearts. And stomachs. No, we’re not talking about the charity of accidentally receiving an extra serve of fries (although day made, amirite?). Right now, we’re drooling over Gratia, a Sydney spot known for being the city’s first ‘profit for purpose’ café. In a mammoth effort by the spot’s owners, Gratia donates 100% of their profits – minus the obvious staff costs, supplies, and rent – to The Pure Foundation and a second, customer nominated, charity. Hey, we always knew our coffees benefited others (goodbye, morning death glares), but with salads and sandwiches that are good for the soul and the waistline, we may officially be in love. If you don’t have the frequent flyer points to visit, but still want a feast that benefits more than your stomach, check out our list of Brisbane spots supporting a worthwhile cause. Words by Samantha Chariton