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Things you didn’t know you could do (repel), with chilli

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Who knew that chilli could have so many animose enemies? Once the discovery began, it seemed its uses for repelling were never ending, and a new respect for the power of burn was born. Wrinkle repellent Blair Lazar, a New Jersey hot-sauce king has created a skin cream that he swears will erase your wrinkles faster than you can say, “Can I have a beer with that chilli, please?” Made from capsaicin, these creams are reported to have miraculous properties when used to combat acne and other minor skin imperfections. Elephant repellent In Assam, Northern India, local villagers are dousing their perimeter fences in grease, ghost chillies and lighting chilli bombs in order to protect themselves from giant marauding pachyderms. The elephants simply turn tail when they get so much as a distant whiff of this stinging aroma. Sounds like a tactic for unwelcome neighbourhood pests or that annoying man that keeps popping over for sugar. Not that I’m advocating cruelty to animals. Insect repellent In the same way as the villagers from Assam, we can repel marauding insects from our own backyard vege patch with a simple chilli solution. Crush and grind four cups of ripe chilli pods or five cups of chilli seeds. Place in a pan with three litres of water and boil for fifteen to twenty minutes. Take off the heat and add three more litres of water. Leave to cool. Then filter through a cloth and keep the liquid. Add a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent to the mix so it sticks to the pests and the leaves. Used as a spray this stuff is effective against most insects including caterpillars, snails, aphids, flies, ants, mealy bugs, rabbits, cats, dogs, the next door neighbours’ kids, the drunk boyfriend and the fig stealing mother-in-law. Fear repellent Japanese samurai used chilli peppers in order to reduce their fear before battle. Eating them as part of a ritual meal made them feel invincible. Could it have something to do with the onset rage from the stupidity of consuming enough of the stuff to set your mouth on fire? Or the fact that if you’ve been able to face the fear of uncontrollable burning, you can pretty much face any pain. Maybe this is the real reason chilli is suggested to bring on birth. Weight repellent Our bodies heat up when we eat carbs and apparently chilli has the same effect. Researchers have discovered that spicing up a fatty meal with chilli powder significantly increases thermogenesis. What’s more, they’ve found that it boosts the amount of fat, rather than carbohydrate, that is burned in the process. The moral of this story? Eat chilli chocolate, chilli iced donuts, chilli salt on your chips and chilli sauce on your fried chicken. Inhibition repellent A pinch of chilli pepper to your dinner will ensure a seriously sexy evening. Amongst chillies other properties, it also acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow, lowering inhibitions and improving male sexual performance. A natural hidden viagra, hint hint. nims xx