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The world travels on its belly

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What’s the most critical factor influencing your holiday decision-making?  Is it the stunning sights, world-listed landmarks, historical architecture or fine wine and cuisine that draws you to a destination? New research conducted by Tourism Australia reveals great food, wine and local cuisine is top of the list for travellers, closely followed by word class beauty and natural environments. Research findings also tell us that for people who have never visited Australia, only 26% associate the Down Under with good food and wine experiences.  Most think we serve up meat pies, kangaroo road kill and frosty beers! But interestingly, 60% of those who have visited Australia ranked our food and wine offering second behind France. So Australia’s ahead in the wine and food race, leaving Italy in its dust.  Oh mio! (translation: Oh my!) Australia has all the right ingredients to capitalise on this opportunity as the global appetite (literally) grows for food and wine as part of the travel experience. In a joint announcement last week, Tourism Australia and Wine Australia plan to evolve its ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ campaign to help promote Australia’s foodservice businesses.  This is an ambitious attempt to make Australia the world’s greatest restaurant.  And it’s about time they realised food and wine is our nation’s greatest selling point! Finally a focus on the foodies and wine connoisseurs!  Good riddance to the outdated view of Aussies throwing shrimps on the barbie as they gulp down a VB coldie.  Let’s welcome a more sophisticated and honest impression of our great nation, showcasing our quality produce, world-class wines and exotic dining locations. We’ll drink to that!