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The wine subscriptions you need to know about

Perfect for those who love wine and hate decisions.

You know Netflix, Stan, Spotify – but what about wine subscriptions? These innovative services give you access to expert selections, up-and-coming winemakers, and funky fresh varieties to try in the comfort of your own… couch, all while leaving the decision-making to the experts – cheers to that!


Mum is going to be a very happy lady… Good Pair Days has a very special Mother’s Day and Chocolate Gift Box, with a range of gorgeous Aussie vino and chocolate delivered to your door!

As well as offering a great retail selection of gifts, themed packs and individual bottles, the experts at Good Pair Days use a few guiding questions to discern what you’d love to receive in your subscription! You can choose frequency and price ranges for your boxes of three, and enjoy tasting cards, food pairings, matching recipes to enjoy with your new favourite vino. Gifting a subscription is also made super easy – just pick the duration and average cost, and your recipient can do the rest.


Okay, this isn’t ~technically~ a wine subscription – but now is definitely the time to support the little guys. And for you commitment-phobes out there, this brief affair may be better for you!

We’ve collaborated with our mates at Brisbane’s locally-owned and operated bottle shops Victoria & Montague, Vulture & Grey, and SW1, to bring you a range of heavily discounted and hand-selected booze! Yes, wine is the name of the game—and you can expect to see six different packs showcasing wines from across the country and the globe, ranging from fresh and zesty whites to serious reds, and our personal favourite—the fantastic fizz. 

To add more life to your at-home wine night, the team at Once Upon A Bottle have even put together a series of Spotify playlists to match each wine pack! 


Yes, friends, Wine Selectors are so much more than the kiosks that you take advantage of at the airport! Their Tasting Panel carefully selects every bottle that’s sent out in a box, so you know quality can be assured. Plus, if you don’t love a wine you receive, you can send it back!

Wine Selectors offers pre-selected wine plans ranging from regional collections to entertainers’ packs, or you can choose which varieties you’d like to receive and let the Tasting Panel make the decisions with a customised wine plan.


The fun team at Vino Mofo just want you to drink bloody good wine, for less! With their Black Market or Mofo Club subscriptions, you’ll gain some seriously good tipples for around $15 a bottle, at up to 70% off their RRP, and with free shipping! With the Mofo Club, you’ll also unlock access to tasting videos, so you can hone your palate at home. Sorry, Mr Murphy, but I think we need to take a break.


This Melbourne-based collective stocks an impressive collection of fancy wines, beers, and spiritsbut most impressive of all are their wine subscription packs, available in The Lighter Shades of Red (which features different light red varieties monthly), The Wild Ones (featuring all of the funky minimal-intervention, orange, natural, skin-contact and sediment-heavy drops), and the original, The Queens Selection.

The pack for which they got their name (and rep), The Queens Selection includes a themed monthly assortment of wines that could include bottles grouped by region, variety, vintage, or something more abstract, like female-made wines!

All packs are available in three, six, and twelve-bottle options, and every pack comes with tasting notes, food pairings, and even recipes. Yas queens!


Going to the bottle shop is so vintage.

Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmand who knows it's always time for wine.