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The west side's biggest secret

Looking to tee up your next meal/feast/calorific-shame-spiral? Hot tip: those cheeky west-siders have been hiding a gem from us all (though if we’re fair, with a name like ‘hundred acre bar’ we probably should’ve spotted it sooner). Set in St Lucia Golf Links (uni students, prep your lunch dollars), the hundred acre bar overlooks the local golf course. And the answer is yes, you’re still welcome if your golfing knowledge goes as far as the windmill on the putt putt circuit. Open for brunch, lunch, and dinner (or as we call it, the food coma trifecta), the hundred acre bar is pretty much a hole-in-one with any overindulgent foodie – or anyone looking to forget that golf game over a couple of vinos. For lunch and dinner, we’d recommend warming up over a mezze platter or some duck pancakes before moving to the heavy hitters – specifically, the crispy skinned barra with dukkah roasted sweet potato or the charred 3 score marbled porterhouse with horseradish, parsley butter, jus and house cut chips (if your heart just skipped a beat, that’s totally normal). Already head over heels? Hold your horses: we’ve got a brunch more perks. Stop by the hundred acre bar on the weekend for morning meals like chive and corn fritters with grilled haloumi, fraiche, sugared chilli, poached egg and mild wasabi leaf, and ripped BBQ beef brisket on brioche toast with chili jam and fried eggs. Now, if you’ve drooled on your electronic device enough that you can’t scroll down, don’t worry: we’ve got a hobby that totally one-ups reading about food. Zoom down on a buggy for your very own cooking class with the hundred acre team! Classes take place every couple of weeks and cover everything from Italian to BBQ.  

Oh, and if you’re totally down for a honeymoon spent in a food coma, the hundred acre bar is a top spot to host your wedding or special ‘do. Find it on Carawa Street in St Lucia and leave the words ‘portion control’ far, far behind. Pro: Their food is good enough to trek a hundred acres for. Con: After a trip to the bar, you probably won’t be able to. Words by Samantha Chariton  Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!