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The verdict on hybrid foods

It seems no one is content with the classics any more. Doughnuts, noodles, burgers, waffles, even the humble muffin – nothing is safe from being morphed and twisted into a ‘better’ version of itself. But are they better? Really? Is a waffle sandwich something we really need in our lives? Do doughnut burgers actually make the world a better place? WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH A GOD DAMN BURGER AS IT IS ANYWAY? Being the helpful kind of people we are, we’ve poked, prodded and taste tested our through a whole list of hybrid foods – those wild and wonderful creations that combine two great foods into one. Be warned: two foods are not always better than one. Cronut The glorious hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut, the cruffin took the world by storm. Deep fried pastry – how could you go wrong? When you start topping it and filling it with even more indulgence, that’s how. The verdict: First half – the most freaking delicious deep fried goodness ever. The second half – nausea inducing layers of greasy butter pastry coated in sugar that make you regret every bite of the first half. Cruffin The cruffin is like the stud muffin of the afternoon tea world. Fluffy butter croissant pastry is baked in a muffin mold and filled with all sorts of creams, jams and sweet sauces, to make a towering crown of carbs and sugar. The verdict: When you don’t deep fry butter pastry, it’s damn delicious. Who needs grease when you could have salted caramel filling? We still can’t eat more than 1 (ok, 3), but we’ll savour every bite. Cheeseburger fries So you take a burger, flatten it with a rolling pin, cut it into strips and deep-fry it to golden perfection. Sounds interesting, right? Like one of those foods you’re absolutely disgusted by but want to order anyway? The verdict: Depends on how much you’ve had to drink really. Sober: don’t even try it. 3 beers: A bit greasy but weirdly satisfying. 17 beers: Ermahgahhhd these are the best things ever, can I have some more ermahgahd cheeeeessssseee. Ramen burgers A juicy beef patty sandwiched between salty, noodle-y goodness, ramen burgers look like a hot mess, but taste oh so right. The verdict: Heaven. Greasy heaven. Somehow, it just works. Is it because it is far juicier than it’s original counterpart? Is it the Kewpie mayo? We don’t know, but this hybrid can stay. In our mouths. All the time. Gelato doughnut Whenever doughnuts are involved, people get excited. When someone decided cookie ice cream sandwiches weren’t exciting enough, and put the frozen treat in a doughnut instead, the world went mad. The verdict: Yes, we do have a bit of a bone to pick with doughnuts. But that has nothing to do with the fact that this creation gets a big fat thumbs down. Sure it’s better than the tub of home brand vanilla ice cream at home in the fridge, but so is plain gelato. Why shove it between a stale donut? And get it all over your damn fingers? The choice is yours. Words by Ranyhyn Akui Image credit: Little Lofts