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The ultimate guide to brekky in bed

She raised you like a delicious loaf of bread: with love. Letting you rise slowly. Guiding, but not forcefully shaping you. Then putting you in the oven. Wait… what? In any case, our mothers deserve a serious dose of love this weekend. Many will tell you that warm slippers and another pair of socks will suffice – but oh they are wrong. It is the time of year when mother dearest deserves to be spoiled from the moment she wakes. Brekky in bed here we come! Here are a few tips and tricks that’ll help secure your place as the favourite. Egg Poaching | Felicity Cloake We’ve often wondered how to master eggs benny. In all honesty, the poach is the hardest approach to crack. But don’t fret! There are multiple ways that you can create the hot, gooey texture of the egg yolk without making a mammoth mess in the kitchen. The Guardian has so kindly put some methods together for us. #weoweyou Stuffed French Toast Recipe | Jamie Oliver Banana bread. Toast. Sandwich. I want it all. And thanks to Jamie Oliver, you can! Combining ripe bananas, runny honey, some fresh pecan nuts (as well as other bits) this kitchen-god has created the perfect breakfast dish. Mum won’t know what hit her. Banana and Cranberry Bread Recipe | Joy The Baker It’s no lie that we’re all desperate for some new brekky-bread recipes. The humble banana bread is almost as overused as Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ – almost. Thankfully Joy has taken this recipe to a new jazzy level with her unrelenting craving for cranberries. Succulent, sweet and nutty, this recipe is the real deal. Joy, we heart you. Finding Simplicitea | Choosing The Right Brekky Tea For Mum This one is tricky. What tickles mum’s tastebuds? The classic lady grey never goes wrong, believe you me. But for those born to a tea-fanatic (let’s face it, we all are) there is a world of tea you are yet to be introduced to. I know that rose flavoured tea is a big hit – be it white or black – amongst the mothers of town. Its subtle flavour is sweet and comforting and goes swimmingly with anything cake. The Tea Centre, Tlicious and T2 are the heart of the tea world. There you have it folks. Get creative, get cooking and get your hands dirty (but wash them before cooking, you grubs). The way to the heart is via the stomach – so spoil your mum silly with some homemade goodies!