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The Ultimate Culinary Sins To Avoid

We’ve all heard of fashion faux pas, right? Tights as pants, scrunchies, socks with sandals, bum bags, double denim, and the list goes on (and on). But have you heard of food faux pas? These are the socially awkward, and generally frowned upon, culinary acts that violate eating etiquette. Let’s face it, we’ve all committed one or two faux pas at some stage or another, either while dining in the comfort of our own homes or while out at a fancy restaurant. For our sake (and yours), we’ve put together the top 15 food faux pas to avoid. You’ll be surprised… you may have committed some without even realising. 1. Tomato sauce – The same level of evil as running over a puppy with your car or stealing a child’s toy. 2. Double dipping – All ye double dippers. Nobody wants your germs. Dip once and skedaddle! 3. Using a knife and fork to eat pizza – Silverware is to be avoided unless you’re a four-year-old whose mother is cutting it into small bites for you. And even then it’s borderline acceptable. 4. Backseat cooking – Haven’t heard of this one? Well then you’re probably the culprit. Don’t question another’s cooking knowledge or technique, or who knows what will end up in your aperitif. 5. A well-done steak – Uh, hello? You’re eating a hunk of cow flesh. There should be blood involved. 6. Eating with your hands – It’s a wonder you’re not forcibly removed from restaurants on a regular basis. (Ribs excluded when wearing a bib at a outback pub.) 7. Licking the knife – Not only is it impolite and unattractive, but your guests shouldn’t be forced to abscond their delicious meals to rush you to the hospital because you’ve severed your tongue. Think of others, people! 8. Putting elbows on the table – Forget it, pal. Didn’t your mother teach you table manners? 9. Slurping the last of the milkshake – We get it, your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but there’s no need to boisterously sip and slurp all over the place. 10. Stacking plates for the wait staff – It’s not your job. You’re just making the job harder for the person who is being paid, plus they’ll probably ignore your table for the rest of the night. 11. Talking with a mouth full of food – It’s plain rude. Full stop. And disgusting. Plus, I’d prefer not to see your dilapidated food scraps or have them spat over my new dress. Cheers. 12. Chewing the bone – We’d prefer not to see, or listen, to you attacking the bone to fetch that last piece of marrow. Ew. 13. Licking your fingers – Did you know the rims of glasses, those cute little lemon wedges and menus are the most germ-ridden restaurant objects? You’ve probably touched them at least ten times, so don’t go tasting your fingers. Who knows where you’ve been earlier in the day, too… 14. Leaving the flash on when taking food photos – If you don’t know how to turn off your camera’s flash, then you probably shouldn’t be using it. 15. Failing to show up for a reservation – It’s just damn rude. Plate up or show up. How many culinary sins are you guilty of? Chanelle Rodgers