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The Taste of Americana

Toupee-topped politicians aside, we love the good ol’ US of A. After all, it’s the freedom-touting institution responsible for southern style BBQ, burgers bigger than our face, and the magical marriage of chicken and waffles (seriously, who funded that expedition into brilliance?).

Thanksgiving hits the states on Thursday 23 November – and while our northern neighbours celebrate by inhaling more turkey than our wildest Christmas dreams, we thought it’d be appropriate to give thanks where it’s really due. We’re obviously talking about spots to stuff our faces. Pull on your stretchy pants and prepare to roll out (and everywhere for the next month).

Brooklyn Depot | South Bank

Book it for Brooklyn! With a menu that’ll have you seeing stars and stripes, it’s no wonder this South Bank spot is pumping every lunch and dinner service. With everything from towering burgers to cheeseburger empanadas, this is one borough you’ll have to see to believe. Be warned: there’s no deciding between the lobster mac & cheese and chicken ‘n’ red velvet waffles – you’re just gonna have to order both.

The Smoke BBQ | New Farm

Brisbane, you are smokin’. Look, you can travel the globe in search of those famous southern wings and ribs, but The Smoke’s brought them right to our doorstep. Hunker down over plates of hickory smoked pork ribs, crispy buffalo wings, and fries topped in melted cheese, ranch, and bacon. Yes, that is drool on your screen, and no, it’s not covered under warranty. #sorrynotsorry

Hudson Corner | Albion

Tucked on a street corner in Albion, it’s easy to miss this little patch of ‘murica – but trust us, you’ll want to keep an eagle eye. Sorry, dudes, but when it comes to this hideaway spot, size does matter. From the size of its pulled pork plates to the massive flavours behind their house made chips, corn bread, and tender brisket, your perfect USA feast is just ‘round the corner.

Cali Eatery & Bar | Kangaroo Point

Here today, gone to Mauii. We’ll admit, we get a little obsessed when coworkers vacation to Cali and Hawaii (damn you, Sharon), but Cali Eatery & Bar’s finally got our fix. Set in Kangaroo Point, their lush, beachy vibes are almost as addictive as the tiki cocktails. Almost. Simmer down with a packed-to-the-brim poké bowl and thank us later.

Buffalo Bar | CBD

Ready to join the stampede? Just off Eagle Street Pier sits Buffalo Bar, the perf watering hole for those US-style cravings. From wings to whiskey, you’re sorted: the bar’s fully stocked with imported beers and spirits to pair with those cheeky bites. Grab a beer and settle in – you’ll want to stick around for the deep fried maple ice cream with smoked butter popcorn.

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall | Petrie Terrace

Anyone with a decent Caxton Street rep will pop their head up at this mention. Take a wander off the beaten path of ribs and wings for something a little different at Lefty’s. The swinging, jiving music hall is your dose of yankee country tunes – and the fresh apple juice with whiskey is just your dose of amazing.

Carolina Kitchen | Coorparoo

Well, now we know how Lady Liberty grew so big – she ordered Carolina Kitchen’s Ballers’ Pack and couldn’t stop. Hey, we’ve all been there. With handy take-home packs crammed with fiery wings, chilli dogs, and NY style fries, this one’s a home run. Err, as long as you don’t inhale it all in the car. #goodluck

Tippler’s Tap | South Brisbane

Time to tap into your Thanksgiving spirit. Sure, we’ve got nothing to do with pilgrims and pumpkin pie, but who can say no to mini Reuben sliders? Only monsters, that’s who. Pick up a frosty craft beer, some Michigan-inspired bites, and Chica-go to town.

Yard Bird Alehouse | Fortitude Valley

A little bird told us you had some cravings brewing! Ales well that ends well at Yard Bird (provided you don’t order the Death Sentence wings, FYI). Here, beers are paired with America’s finest one-handed fare – from tacos, to beer battered onion rings, to a seven-flavour strong list of wings. Hey, a Yard Bird in the hand…

You know what they say about Thanksgiving: it’s all about that baste. 

Words by Samantha Chariton