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The Star Wars themed café you’ve been looking for

In a galaxy far, far away (read: Queen Street in the CBD), a new coffee spot has just opened, one that has created quite a disturbance in the force (read: Brisbane’s café scene). The anticipation for Death Star Canteen’s arrival has been building for months, but while they may have taken far longer than 12 parsecs to arrive, they’ve finally opened their doors, thrilling Star Wars nerds everywhere. Like Yoda, Death Star Canteen shouldn’t be judged by their size – they manage to pack both plenty of Star Wars references and food and drinks into their tiny space. But don’t expect a kitsch, tacky themed café here, instead you’ll find an understated coffee bar that incorporates Star Wars references in some seriously quirky ways. Wooden tables are adorned with tiny Death Star vases, while from the ceiling hangs a Storm Trooper in a hammock. Order a pot of tea and it will come in an R2D2 teapot, while shortbread biscuits to go with it are in the likeness of a Storm Trooper helmet – so you don’t have to feel bad about biting half their face off. While the kitchen isn’t up and running just yet, soon you’ll be able to get your hands on light breakfasts like bircher muesli, smashed avo on toast and pan fried pulled pork with melted cheddar, avocado and sour cream. For lunch, gourmet sandwiches will come stacked with fillings like slow roasted lamb with avocado, hummus and salad, or roasted vegetables with olive tapenade, and of course, you’ll also be able to get your hands on penne all’arrabbiata – with or without peas. If you don’t get the reference – you’re clearly not an Eddie Izzard fan. Or so we’ve been told. #googleit So whether you’re on the path to the dark side (read: on your way to work and in desperate need of caffeine), or just a wannabe Jedi in need of a bite to eat, you’ll find Death Star Canteen at 359 Queen Street in the CBD, open Monday to Saturday for breakfast and lunch. And remember: Stomach pangs leads to hunger, hunger leads to hanger, and hanger leads to suffering. Words by Ranyhyn Akui