Opening of Imperial | Gourmand & Gourmet

The Star gets a new star with opening of Imperial

The unrivaled indulgence hub that is The Star Gold Coast is a foodie haven - and for many of us a place we might’ve had a few too many.

Already boasting its hatted Japanese restaurant Kiyomi, to die for Cucina Vivo and insta-iconic Garden Kitchen and Bar, we’re about to see a new superpower in its kingdom: Imperial.

Say goodbye to eating greasy Chinese takeaways in your track pants and get ready for your perception of asian food to change forever.

Decked out with natural woods, light pendants, and groovy artwork, Imperial will have all of the favorites we resonate with. Orange chicken and san choy bao will be in abundance along with a whole heap of modern fusion dishes. With over 100 mouth drooling items, Imperial will have you peking at the menu for hours trying to decide how much more you can eat.

If Imperial alone has warranted a weekend with The Star, you’ll be wonton’ to know there is also an extensive wine list that can be easily followed by a nightcap at one of the many bars in The Star complex.

Be sure to check it out, we’ve already opened our fortune cookie and it’s telling us a food coma is imminent. 

Words by Keshwa Naidu