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The spiciest breakfasts in Brisbane

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The word spice automatically conjures up notions of heat, but there are so many other flavours on Brisbane cafe’s spice racks. We give you five Brisbane breakfasts with more than the usual salt and pepper amping up the flavour. Plenty | West End These guys love spice so much they change their menu on a fortnightly basis to give themselves more excuses to play. Their playthings this time round are blistered heirloom tomatoes on toast with grilled haloumi, pistachios, toum (lebanese garlic sauce) and baharat, an Arabic 7 spice mix made in house. A typical bahar mix would include allspice, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds, cumin, nutmeg and chilli. I say typical because their head chef Michael is keeping his mix close to his chest. They’ve also got a wicked jalapeño relish dolloped with sour cream on a pulled pork, roast corn, cheddar and green tomato omelette. Go forth quickly people, I repeat: fortnightly basis. Shouk | Paddington Taking inspiration from Middle Eastern heritage, Shouk’s menu wouldn’t be their menu without spices in every dish, just the way we like it. Brisbane’s current obsession for baked eggs continues here influenced by Tunisia with a richly spiced sauce of tomato and capsicum, served with toasted challah (think Hebraic brioche), olives and Persian fetta. Cafe O Mai | Annerley Cafe O-mai is a family run business with a humble Vietnamese refugee story which includes sewing and noodles. Mummy Kim is in the kitchen serving up beautiful authentic Pho for brekky with a nod to their Aussie life which includes sweet corn and zucchini fritters, poached egg, avocado and coriander salsa and a house made pineapple and chilli jam. This jam has such a beautiful balance, as does most everything on the menu. Humble indeed. Plum Tucker | Red Hill Chilli is taken very seriously at Plum Tucker. Their chilli eggs with house made beans, spinach, fetta and turkish toast are served with a choice of three levels of house made heat. For those that would rather not, tomato relish is a classic choice. Medium heat is garnered via the spicy ketchup and screams of $%@* can be heard from those with a side of tucking hot sauce. Mondo Organics | West End As with all good feasts, we’ll end on a sweet note. Mondo organics have been around for nigh on fifteen years and are still passionate about providing a distinctive and delicious ‘real food’ experience, delivered with care. The spiced rolled rice and date porridge with poached pear and warmed coconut milk is a soft bowl of love. Soft in your belly too, being gluten and dairy free. Thanks for looking after us Mondo. nims xx