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The south side’s best Asian feeds

If your experience with Asian food is limited to your regular Friday night Chinese take out, boy are you missing out. There’s so much more to Eastern fare than sweet and sour pork and fried rice, and when you can use ‘I’m getting in some culture,’ as an actual excuse to go out eat to your food baby’s content, why wouldn’t you? Brisbane’s south side has always been known for its exotic feeds and oriental flavours, so we’ve thrown together a guide on some of the south side’s best Asian food. As Confucious said, ‘if you can’t travel, eating is the next best thing.’ Oh wait, that was us that said that. 8 Street | Garden City Eight is regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture, so it makes sense that no matter what Asian fare you’re after, you’ll definitely be in luck at 8 Street. With everything from delicious dumplings to Japanese pizzas and more in this hawker style marketplace, you’ll want to stay and shop a little more so you can come back for seconds when the food baby subsides. Lucky you won’t have to ‘wok’ far. KU-O Japanese Restaurant | Sunnybank One of the most authentic Japanese Restaurants on the south side, KU-O are famous for dishing up yummy yakitori, tantalising teppenyaki and tempting tempura as well as super fresh seafood sashimi. With a menu boasting so many different delicious eats, it’s the place to gyoza when you don’t know what you want, but you do know you’re hungry. Tan Thanh Vietnamese | Inala Don’t be put off by the packed dining area at this spot, because once you’re slurping down an enormous bowl of brisket pho with crispy spring rolls and a bubble iced tea in front of you, you’ll pho-get all about the crowds. Yum Yum Peking Duck | Darra Venture out to Darra and you’ll find some quacking good peking duck. Whether you’re hungry enough for three courses of their signature dish or just want a big plate of sizzling beef (but seriously, get the duck), it’s definitely worth the pilgrimage. Oishii Sushi Bar | Sunnybank Hills If you love sushi, you’ll be soy happy when you see Oishii Sushi’s menu, with over 44 types of made-to-order sushi rolls to choose from. Soft shell crab, crispy chicken, tempura prawns and our fave, salmon and avocado wrapped in salmon skin tempura – you’ll wind up rolling out of there because you couldn’t resist an extra serve. Sunny Seoul BBQ | Sunnybank Dedicated carnivore? Think yourself a bit of a pro at operating a BBQ? Well you should test out your skills at Sunny Seoul BBQ, with a cheap as chips Korean BBQ. Throw some marinated pork onto the central hot plate, nibble on kim chi pancakes while they sizzle away and prepare yourself for a food baby. Seoul Bistro | Sunnybank Brisbane’s first Korean fried chicken buffet is so worth having to undo your pants button for. With endless fried chicken wings in flavours like honey wasabi and sweet and spicy and unlimited homemade lemon ice tea as well as entrees and dessert, it’s a clucking good deal for $21.90. There’ll be no walking away with anything less than a food coma. Landmark Restaurant | Sunnybank Want to get some dumplings in your tumpling? Head to yum cha at Landmark and you’ll find all the pork and prawn dumplings, salt and pepper squid, spring rolls and pork buns you can eat, paired with steaming hot jasmine tea. And you won’t be doing yum cha right without downing an egg custard tart or two. Dim sum-body say it’s lunch time? Words by Sarah Nguyen