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The South Bank bar and eatery you should have been to by now

If you’ve ever wandered through the streets of South Brisbane (and if you haven’t, are you sure you live in Brisbane?), you’d have spotted a buzzing South Bank bar and eatery right beside train station, The Charming Squire. And if you’re anything like us, you noticed two things about The Charming Squire: first, how it always seems to be overflowing with cheerful patrons, and second, the windows that peer right into the kitchen from the sidewalk. On any given night of the week, crowds wandering down Grey Street are audience to the restaurant’s selection of spit-roasted meats, smoked over coal fires and sent out into the fray of ever-present diners. The open plan restaurant is decked out in warm wooden decor (in homage to the brewing kegs upstairs, we suspect), while next door is a bar fitted out for any boozy concoction your heart could settle on. Charming squire south bank barsThe long tables and extensive list of group plates are a good excuse to buddy up after work and share a few favourites. You won’t remember the troubles of the work day after digging into share dishes of wood-fired sweetcorn cobs with chipotle butter, mushroom and truffle arancini balls, and sticky BBQ tequila pork ribs. Carnivores are welcomed with wood-fired steaks and ribs – though the real meat-lovers will immediately find their eyes drawn to what emerges from the iron bark coal pit. With your choice of slow cooked lamb, pork or beef in portions ranging from 250g to a monster 1kg, it’s safe to say the minute-long walk to the train after dinner will feel like a mile. charming squire south bank bars 4Amongst smoked meats to get your heart racing and share plates to feed a thousand, The Charming Squire is a brewhouse of a tempting selection of craft beers. These feature on tap at the bar alongside a lineup of craft brews – the whole range of James Squire beers and ciders not least among them. Seats up at the bar won’t even forfeit your claim on the dining room’s steaks and ribs, and you’ll also have the option to nab bar-friendly eats like BBQ pulled pork rolls and cheesy gourmet pizzas. Those looking for a beer-free evening don’t need to search out other spots to dine, with a long list of wines, cocktails and spirits to pore over. Speciality creations like The Smuggler’s Mojito and an elderflower ginger martini will cement the fact that an outing to The Charming Squire is no average dining experience. charming squire south bank bars featureYou can even head back for a hangover curing breakfast the morning after, with everything from a light avo on toast to the hotcakes with honeycomb, mascarpone, passionfruit curd and brulee banana on the cards. And once you see the specials that pop up from head chef each weekend, you’ll be back for seconds, we guarantee it. With live music playing every night of the week and a little something for everyone on offer, the only question left unanswered is why haven’t you been to this South Bank bar yet? You’ll find The Charming Squire at 133 Grey Street, South Brisbane, open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. Keeping the G&G up to date requires a lot of double lattes, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!