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The Silver Lining to your Weeknight

Look, whether you’ve been showing off your moves on Thursday salsa nights, showing off your outfit by the bar, or showing off an inhuman skill to down seven cocktails and still order an Uber (guilty), everyone in Brisbane knows Cloudland.

If you’re usually wandering through the door at 9pm itching for a lychee martini, though, there might be a slice of this stunning Valley bar you haven’t discovered.

Grab a pizza Cloudland’s own spectacular Italian restaurant, perfect for delicious date nights (or bowling over hanger before a big night out, let’s be real). Here, the popular bar spot transforms into your own Italian getaway – complete with holiday levels of authentic hand-rolled woodfired pizza, saffron arancini, and duck and truffle gnocchi. Yeah, this sophisticated spot’s gonna gnocchi your socks off.

Already excited? We cannoli imagine how this next piece of news will make you feel. Throughout spring, Cloudland is offering a special lunch and dinner deal, available Friday – Sunday for lunch and Tuesday – Sunday for dinner (not including Saturday nights). For just $50, you’ll score a wood-fired pizza, a bowl of pasta, and a bottle of wine. You’re about to either have the best date night ever or conquer some sort of Italian feasting record. Fifty bucks and date night’s sorted? We’ll understand if you’ve already zoned out to start planning your pizza order.

Next step: ditch the office sandwich. Along with their lunch and dinner deal, Cloudland are offering an Express Lunch for the corporate crowd (or early barflies), available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Nab a woodfired pizza and drink for just $20.

Penne for our thoughts? This isn’t one to miss. 

Words by Samantha Chariton