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The price is right when you decide!

Imagine a world where you were the boss. You decided where the parking spots were, who got to do the chores, what your grades were and how much food should cost. Sounds blissful, hey? Unfortunately, most of the things I just listed can’t be done except one – paying how much you want for a meal! Don’t believe me? Well ‘pay what you want’ restaurants are popping up all over the place where you can lower the bill or even pay nothing at all. The idea simply relies on the belief that people are honest creatures and given the option, would happily pay the price or even a little extra. The ‘pay what you want’ system has created a quick path to publicity and an easy way to bring the masses through the door. Restaurants all over Australia have jumped on board with this new fad, including Melbourne’s Lentil as Anything in St. Kilda, Sydney’s Sobo Bistro in Bondi and Annalakshmi on the Swan in Perth. The “take what you want, leave your fair share” policy hopes to cover those who don’t or can’t pay by those who can. Seems pretty noble! I myself am slightly cynical with the honesty and morality of humans (I know I’d love to eat a huge pizza and leave 40c on the counter), but apparently this scheme has proven successful. It has been reported that in over three years, 60% of customers paid the full price and 20% paid even more. The cause itself is honourable, but has quite a risky edge to it. Could Brisbane venues be the next to take the plunge and let the diners decide what to pay? The customer is always right after all. Hannah Twiggs