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The Pine Kitchen hits Bowen Hills

Lebanese? Leban-yes please. Bowen Hills’ newest Lebanese, Australian fusion eatery is The Pine Kitchen. Remember that name, it’s gonna be yuge. The Pine Kitchen offers hearty share plates, nourishing soul foods and tasty tapas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’re here to get down and dirty with some menu deets to save you from the mission of DIY research, you’ve got enough on your plate (but we’re sure that you have enough room on there for a damn good meal). In the order that we wish a three-course meal would be eaten, we’re starting with dessert. The Pine Kitchen is offering up a dessert that no one else in Brisbane has, and we all know how anything rare or limited edition can make every other person go I NEED IT, but trust us, you’ll definitely need this one. Their one of a kind homestyle kanafeh is a traditional Lebanese sweet cheese dessert soaked in a special sugar syrup, and topped with pistachio crumble. You’ll be crumbling after your first bite, in the best way of course. If you love Turkish delight, please make sure you’re in a drool-friendly zone. They have a range of Turkish delight treats including Turkish delight meringue and a Turkish delight milkshake. How delightful. There are a range of traditional starters and sides that you can pair with dips, such as za’atar sweet potato with creamy labneh. If you’re in the mood for sharing with others (or sharing with you and yourself), choose one of three share plates – the pine mezza, vegetarian mezza or dip mezza – each with a selection of flavoursome meats (excluding the vego, obviously) handsome vegetables, dips and breads. Of course the list goes on with breakfasts, mains, burgers, drinks and other desserts. We highly recommend the infused beef shish and the eggplant stack. Geez, what a mouthful. Time to get eatin’ son. Words by Nicole Portacha