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The perfect roast pork belly and crackling

Don’t tell porkers. We know you’ve eyed up the pork belly at the butchers once or twice, ummed and ahhed over how good that Babe would be just out of the oven, but put it in the too ham hard department and trotted away. And then gone and got your pork belly on somewhere where they do the cooking for you. Like Mum’s place. Well according to Pony Dining, who do a mean pork belly with poached eggs, spiced broth, radish and mushrooms (it’s specktacular), it’s really not that hard – and definitely worth giving a crackling. You may not be able to get it quite as deliciously tender and crisp as Pony, but that’s just an excuse to try again right? THE PERFECT ROAST PORK BELLY WITH CRACKLING Ingredients 
  • 1kg  pork belly, scored (serves 4)
  • Spice mix with salt (you can make it simple and use Chinese 5 spice and salt or go all out and crush your own mix of garlic, rosemary, rock salt and fennel)
  • White vinegar
  • Rock salt
  • Table salt
  1. Rub spice mix all over the pork flesh and into the scored skin and leave it to cure overnight (approximately 12 hours).
  2. Brush the skin with a light combination of rock and table salt.
  3. Brush on a light layer of white vinegar.
  4. Roast in oven at 220 C for 45 minutes.
  5. Lower the temperature to 180C and roast for another 45 mins.
  6. Rest before serving.
Serve it with your favourite sides and you’re set. Oh lardy it’s good!  Image credit: Yuppie Chef