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The north side’s sweetest dessert spot

When it comes to our favourite frozen sweet, there’s just no substitute for a good gelato, carefully crafted fresh that very week from local ingredients. So when we discovered that Ciao Gelato on Brisbane’s north side was serving up just that, with a few dairy free creations to boot, they went straight to the top of our list for when we have a sugar craving that just can’t be beaten. With new flavours in their line up of scrumptious looking (and tasting) gelatos every week, this is a spot you’ll want to keep coming back to (any excuse for dessert, right?). The regulars include jam doughnut, cheesecake, honeycomb, cookies and cream, pistachio, Turkish delight – the list goes on and on! Lucky you can try as many flavours as you like before trying to decide on a scoop (or 3). ciao-gelato-2 Each week, the gelato geniuses also whip up a customer request, with irresistible creations like tiramisu, maple bacon and cookie dough added to the freezers for a limited time. And being all about supporting local, you might also find some collaborations in their tins, with gelatos dedicated to Lucid Sweets, Mark Daniel’s brownies and Cleanskin Coffee Co. ciao-gelato-3 But the real scoop? These guys are doing dairy free gelatos that will have any one with a lactose intolerance jumping for joy! Epic dark chocolate, peanut butter and blood orange sorbets, as well as almond milk gelato are just the start – Ciao Gelato have also created vegan pops, with rich sorbet coated in vegan chocolate for a icy treat on a stick (don’t worry, they also come in classic dairy flavours!). Whether you want to grab a double scoop waffle cone, a take home pack of some of the best gelato Brisbane has to offer, a chocolate drizzled sundae or maybe a decadent brownie dessert, Ciao Gelato has something sweet for everyone – even bambino cones for the little gelato fans. You’ll find them at 1207 Sandgate Road, Nundah, open Tuesday to Sunday. Words by Ranyhyn Akui