The new take on two old favourites | Gourmand and Gourmet

The new take on two old favourites

If you haven’t already endured your daily dose of food envy, we’re here to help with that. The American’s have done it again with their wacky yet wonderful food invention – the spaghetti donut. Donut get us started on this one (well, you don’t really have to, we’re going to talk about it anyway). Pop Pasta is a Brooklyn eatery that has given birth to the donut from your wildest and most forbidden food dreams. Don’t lie, you’re getting saucier than the pasta at the thought of not having to carry a fork around when you pack a cheeky spag bol for lunch. The most convenient spaghetti lunch in the world currently comes in traditional red sauce flavour, carbonara, mac and cheese, zucchini, bolognese, and garlic and oil – and we’re looking at our available yearly leave and planning a trip to Brooklyn, stat. Alternatively, the pasta is simply mixed with egg and cheese before its deep-fried. So if you have a deep fryer at home, please give it a shot – and PLEASE send us one in the mail. Side note: would Homer Simpson explode if he realised that savoury food could be molded into the shape of a donut? Just a penne for your thoughts. We can only hope that the trend makes its way to Australia soon so that we can all spa-get-ti our hands on one. Words by Nicole Portacha