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The new sourdough starter pack you knead to know about

Let’s. Get. This. HOME-MADE BREAD!

The many stages of self-isolation have looked a little like this: clean the house… properly > watch all the goods on Netflix > paint something > bake something.

If you’re up to the ‘bake something’ stage, welcome! A talented Sydney-born chef, Xinyi Lim, has a hot little project for you. 

Xinyi is the creator of ‘Start the Spread’, a dried sourdough starter delivery service for those trying to distance themselves from everything but bread (we could never). 

Each package contains two five-gram sachets of dried sourdough starter. This stuff has a strong resemblance to wafer-thin cracker shards, with the starter process taking days to complete (hence why this pre-made pack is a godsend!). You’ll also get hooked up with a booklet about Start the Spread, a guide to reactivating and maintaining the starter, and online resources rather than a physical recipe. 

The most wholesome part? Start the Spread is free! Our new favourite human, Xinyi, merely asks receivers for a small donation to cover shipping costs. It’s the least we can dough. 

To get in on the action, you can email Xinyi directly at Just let her know that you’d like to order a starter pack, and start daydreaming about the smell of freshly baked bread filling your kitchen. 

The next stage of self-isolation? Become one with the bread. Happy baking!

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who can’t wait to get her freshly sanitised hands on this.