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The new King Street spot you’ll go crazy pho

Dining on Bowen Hill’s King Street is pretty much a guarantee for the royal treatment, but there’s one spot we won’t be pho-getting about any time soon (mostly ‘cause we’ve had to upsize our whole wardrobe since it opened, but we digress). After years of watching for cheap flights and giving Melbourne bloggers the silent treatment out of jealousy (sorry, guys), the famously feast-worthy Banoi has finally migrated to Brisbane. Named after the Vietnamese word for grandmother, naïve foodies might assume that Banoi is the sweet, kindly family member you occasionally make a quiet visit to. Big. Mistake. This is one grandma that isn’t letting you leave until you’ve finished everything on your plate. And that bowl of pho. And the bao making its way over from the kitchen. Pho-nomenal family recipes straight from the hawker stalls of Hanoi meet edgy, creative additions within this King Street kitchen. From Vietnamese tacos packed with slow cooked pork belly or soft shell crab to lunchtime banh mis and specialty Vietnamese coffees, there’s one thing for sure: we know which granny we’re visiting this weekend. Yeah, better order an Uber. Like those rice paper delicacies we’ve been feasting on since the grand opening, you’ll be rolling out, not walking. Find Banoi’s Brisbane venue at 28 King Street, Bowen Hills, or go the no-effort route and order your next feast through Deliveroo. Words by Samantha Chariton