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The new health food trend everyone’s talking about!

First it was kale, then it was kombucha, and now the trending health food is kefir! If your local hipster hasn’t already told you, kefir is a probiotic grain loaded with vitamins, minerals and digestive properties, making it a great way to kick start your post-Easter detox. Unlike a lot of other superfoods (we’re looking at you, kale) it can be disguised and used in a number of different ways that won’t make you fantasize about bacon while you eat it; we’re talking salad dressings, ice cream, soup, coffee, smoothies… basically anything! Here are some spots in Brisbane you can get your kefir fix and get ahead of the trend! Mylk & Ko | Teneriffe Mylk & Ko is the ultimate destination for decedent brunches, nutritious acai bowls and now they’re offering kefir spiders! Made from the kefir milk flavour of your choice and Cocowhip, this spider will satisfy both your inner child and (the slightly more health conscious) adult you. Raw Culture Co | Various Locations Move over coconut water, kefir water is on the scene and ready to prompt the question ‘what’s wrong with normal water?’ Well, normal water is great, but kefir water has innumerable health benefits, such as helping with digestion, stopping unhealthy food cravings, improving skin complexion and condition, improving hair and nail growth/strength and liver cleansing. We literally could go on and on, but drinking kefir water is basically a super easy way to make you feel absolutely fabulous inside and out. Raw Culture Co is an online store that often features at the Jan Powers Farmer’s Markets, so get drinking! Old Cossack | Various Locations Old Cossack Brewery is dedicated to all things kefir water. With a product list as extensive as it is healthy, you can pick up kefir-based drinks such as ginger beer, mint lemonade, strawberry and vanilla cider and even organic cold brew coffee! With locations scattered all over town it’ll be easy for you to pick up a delicious drink that won’t make you crash and want a nap at 3pm. Pablo and Rusty’s | CBD Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Pablo and Rusty’s is serving up some seriously nutritious bevvy’s with their range of probiotic kefir sodas! Take your pick of raspberry lemonade, ginger & turmeric soda or mint lemonade and get ready to sip yourself healthy! There you are Brisbane, now there’s no excuse for you to not jump on the bandwagon and reap the benefits of this stupidly healthy super food. Your gut and taste buds will thank you! Words by Georgia Casey