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The new exercise trend brewing in Brisbane

Look, we know the vegan girl in the office has been pestering you to join her last 43 yoga sessions, but give us a second of your attention – it’s good for what ales you. A new workout trend is sweeping Brisbane, and (spoiler alert) it involves an exercise that won’t send you hopping mad. A few city spots are becoming more flexible with their definition of yoga (which we hear is helpful, FYI), now plugging their own versions of beer yoga. Yup, that’s right – no kegels, just kegs. Instead of brutal burpees, you’ll spend a brewtiful hour stretching and meditating over a cold one of your choice – and we are so in. Brat Haus hosts their bi-weekly sessions in the spacious Brat Cave, a retreat from bustling city noise and the shame of those five hot dogs you just devoured. You’ll find another session over at The Flying Cock with a crafty selection of balance-compromising brews. Does it completely negate that earlier bratwurst feast? No. But does it mean you can drink all the beer you want without feeling guilty? Also no. It’s damn fun, though, and that’s what counts. Just call these spots your ohm away from home and you’ll be performing pitcher-perfect downward facing dogs any day now. Nama-stay here and finish my beer. Words by Samantha Chariton Image credit: The Awesome Daily