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The new dessert spot delivering serious brownie points

Are you ready, Brisbane? Throw out those skinny jeans, prepare for a mass sugar crash, and get ready to shout ‘hooray!’ – our town just got a whole lot sweeter. The new dessert biz Hooray Brownies has arrived on the scene, and trust us: they’re choc full of good ideas. Packed in jars and topped in lashings of icing, sprinkles, and fudge, these fab-looking brownies don’t just offer a mess-free dessert – they also make a clever delivery system. The dessert gods at Hooray Brownies will deliver their treats to the workplace, house, or event of your choice. Let’s face it, if we deliver brownies ourselves, there’s only a 50-50 shot it’s arriving unscathed (and we may have fudged those numbers). With their classic chocolate, birthday blondie, caramel fudge, and gluten free options now available online, it’s time to earn some serious brownie points with your next corporate gift, birthday present, or surprise for a loved one (and by loved one, we mean ourselves). There’s no doubt about it: whether you’re a ‘jar half empty’, ‘jar half full’, or ‘jar scraped clean with a spoon’ kinda person, this is one Brisbane business to feel optimistic about. Well, for your tastebuds, anyway – probs not your wardrobe. Words by Samantha Chariton