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The New Breakfast Trend Taking Over Instagram

Food trends – you either straight up love them or loathe them, depending on your tolerance level for every man and his dog uploading a foodie pic to social media. Either way, they’re usually delicious, and the latest obsession is no exception. There’s a new egg trend floating around known as cloud eggs, and they’re fluffin’ delicious. If eggs had emotions, poached eggs would be feeling pretty jealous right now due to its new, photogenic rival. Cloud eggs are achieved by separating the whites from the yolk and whisking until they reach a light, fluffy consistency (and whisking in any extra bits, like bacon, if you feel like going the eggstra mile). Place them in the oven and add the yolk when/if you’re feeling it. What you’re left with is a cloudlike egg concoction that tastes as satisfying as it looks. Enjoy hot or cold, depending on how long it takes you to get that damn Instagram photo. Words by Nicole Portacha